Brother, Sister and Child

You went away so suddenly
We did not say goodbye
But brothers can never be parted
Precious memories never die.

O Lord hear my prayer,
Keep my sister in your care,
For there comes a time for all of us
When we must say goodbye,
But memories of those we really loved,
Live on and never die.

Of all the many blessings,
However great or small,
To have had you for a sister,
Was the greatest one of all,
The family chain is broken now,
And nothing seems the same
But as God takes us one by one
The chain will link again.

Goodbye to you dear Sister,
You deserve eternal rest,
You cared so much for everyone
And always did your best.

Jesus took you for a sunbeam,
To shine on Him each day.
In every way you'll please Him,
And brighten up His day.

An angel took our flower away
It needed so much care,
But some day God will tell us,
Why to us it seems unfair.

There's a place in our hearts
No one can fill,
We miss you dear daughter,
And always will.

Farewell, dear babe,
To both our hearts so dear,
Often we'll bathe
Your memory with a tear,
Short was your life,
But long your rest,
God called you soon
Because He saw it best.

A ray of sunshine came and went
A beautiful treasure only lent,
In God's keeping quietly sleeps,
This son/daughter we loved but could not

Gentle Jesus up above,
Give our baby all our love,
Plant kisses on our baby's cheek,
Tell him they are his to keep.

We lost a son with a heart of gold,
Worth more to us than wealth untold,
From earthly toil to heavenly rest,
God took our son, one of the best.

Two smiling eyes stopped smiling,
A golden heart stood still,
We don't know why God took you,
And guess we never will.
He only lent you to us,
Then came and took you back,
To us you were so precious,
Your life was full of fun,
A caring, loving brother,
A darling little son.

Angels in heaven, all robed in white
Were playing one day in the garden of light,
And Jesus came smiling, and said to his band
'Here's another playmate, take (name)'s hand.

This special boy/girl so meek and mild
Was Heaven's very special child
Although you were with us for such
a short while
We will never forget your happy smile.

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